Saturday, 6 April 2013

Homemade Gooseberry wine

I grew up watching my Mom preparing grape or gooseberry wine for Christmas...She used to plan atleast 4 months before and did the fermentation properly...Me n brother used to wait for the "wine opening day"...Recollecting all those childhood memory, this year i wanted to have gooseberry wine on Easter...Unlike my Mom , i got this plan just 3weeks before...I didnt have much time , still i wanted to give a try...Gooseberries are good candidates for wine because we get a stronger wine in short period:) Usually wine is prepared in large clay pots called "Bharani" But i dont have it right now..So i prepared wine in normal glass and plastic jars...
Gooseberry wine was the star in my Easter lunch:)
Check out my "fast wine recipe"...
Ingredients  :
Gooseberries       - 1kg
Sugar                  - 1kg
Yeast                  -  1tsp
Water                  8cups
Method :
1. Wash gooseberries n wipe with  a clean cloth.
2. Put them in to a jar (glass or plastic ) .
3. Boil water and after cooling it to room temperature, half fill the jars.
4. Add half of sugar directly in to jars.
5. Heat a pan and melt rest of the sugar n turn them brown in color.Add 2tsp water. Pour this in to jars.
6.Add 1tsp of yeast in to jar and give a good shake.Close the jar tightly n dont open for the next 3days.After that gently open and release carbon dioxide..Repeat this often n finally take it out after 3 weeks and strain out the gooseberries and collect the tasty wine:)

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